Reputation and control of its image in the future


The reputation on the web allows you to glimpse the image that your company reflects on the net as well as on social networks, it is important or even essential to worry about the risks incurred in the future. 

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E reputation and control of its image in the future

Nowadays, the reputation on the web allows you to see the image that your company reflects on the net as well as on social networks. Thus, even if today e-reputation can be controlled through different technological tools and methods, it is important or even essential to be concerned right now about the risks incurred in the future.

The impact of an e-reputation today

Today, social networks play an omnipresent role in our lives. Built on the look of others, e-reputation is all the traces left by the company on the net. As an executive in a company and therefore the guarantor of a brand, your life is exposed in two different ways:

  • As a public figure (manager, executive, or simple employee)
  • As a person (family head, son,…) and not as an executive officer

Therefore, it is imperative to protect yourself in order to filter out information that may appear on the net. Of course, when it comes to corporate information, events, press releases, photographs or tweets, your communication – and therefore your image – is monitored and protected. However, an unfortunate post on Facebook or Instagram can trigger a controversy and cause countless consequences that can become disastrous. Taking care of one’s image and reputation is essential for survival on the web. Without a permanent control, a watch but also a cleaning of e reputation, your company risks suffering more or less quickly.

An uncontrollable e-reputation that can affect all companies

Now, given the significant impact of e reputation today, we can only fear and be wary of this reputation, which can quickly become uncontrollable. The proximity that emerges between companies and its managers and the general public is becoming more and more refined. Thus, the private life of executives and employees is easily known by the general public with some light searches on Google. As a result, identity loss is quick and easy on the web. This problem of compartmentalization is felt today, and we realize that Internet users, the media, are increasingly interested in these small miscellaneous facts that can destroy or at least damage a company’s reputation. However, with the help of an e reputation agency, your problem will no longer be a problem. Our vision of the web must grow with the passing years. Thus, it is essential to understand that the impact of the net will not slow down and will not stop growing, forcing us to pay more and more attention to all our actions, comments, posts and photographs. So, in the future, we must take into account a new management of our identity. Acts that may appear harmless on the web, can be an important source of information for a malicious person, for a media seeking crisp information or for an Internet user wishing to damage the image of the company, the brand.

Social networks: important sources of information

Becoming the master of one’s identity is not easy when all your Facebook posts, Instagram photos or Tweets on Twitter are inspected, relayed and commented on. On the lookout for all your movements on the net, Internet users, journalists or competing companies can represent an even greater danger than at present. So, if you are an executive officer of a small or medium-size company, you have two lives: a private one and a public one. The present but also future concern is to confuse the two without making the difference. Thus, a leader who has a personal Facebook account will be able to comment on information, post personal videos intended for relatives who may be elements that can turn against the leader and not against man. Moreover, even if this partition is well defined through for example a business account and a private account, you are not safe from becoming a victim of a malicious relative. This partition, so thin, takes the risk of disappearing in the future. Signing petitions whose subjects are close to your heart, tweeting a sentence that can damage your brand image, are risks that should not tarnish your company’s reputation. To help you in this digital struggle, an e reputation agency offers many advantages such as

  • permanent monitoring on the web
  • analysis of the impact of your bad reputation
  • cleaning of e-reputation

A feeling of persecution can then come to pass as all eyes will be on you and your actions. This drift is risky, hence the need to protect oneself from all this with the help of an effective and relevant e-reputation agency.

What will be the solutions to manage our e-reputation?

In order to help a company, an e-reputation agency must clean up, control the image of its customer. A private commentary must remain in the private sphere and should not be misused. Thus, if an executive signs a petition privately, this opinion may run counter to his or her signatory, since the latter will be treated as an executive in the performance of his or her duties. In the future, image control means deciding what is visible or not. With the expertise of an e-reputation agency, your company will be able to remain serene about its image conveyed on the web. In permanent watch on the web, the experts of a digital agency in turn take control of the brand image of the company and its top management. The serious consequences of bad reputation can be fatal for the company:

  • loss of prestigious customers
  • significant decline in annual sales
  • deficit company
  • loss of confidence from customers and suppliers
  • aborted partnership projects
  • risk of failure of a possible programmed merger
  • demotivation of staff
  • recruitment problem: lack of candidates
  • public confusion between privacy and public life

A web agency offers you the opportunity to accompany you throughout the process when bad reputations start to spread. Thanks to its experience, an e-reputable agency holds the technological knowledge and an important know-how to a perfect control of your image and therefore your reputation. A close collaboration can allow you to continue to have a virtual life without your personal elements becoming public events.

The confusion of identity

When your company suffers a bad reputation, it will not be too late to react. Indeed, a web agency will have the ideal solutions, adapted to your needs and expectations. Nowadays, digital technology is taking up more and more space in our lives, whether it is for everyday life or professional life. Companies, in order to be visible to everyone, must be present on the web, reactive on social networks, and must communicate with consumers in order to earn revenue and stay in business. Interferences between private and professional life are common today and we can only fear that these interference will become increasingly present in the future. Our identity then exists under different pseudonyms, for fear of being found. The important thing is not to undergo digital aggression but to react, to direct others to be its actor and not spectator. However, an e-reputation agency allows through different methods to clean up the web if however a confusion arises.

Take back control of your identity

As experts in the digital age, we are able to act quickly and professionally to protect, monitor and cleanse your digital reputation. In all cases, reactivity and excellent knowledge of digital technology are essential to improve performance. A thorough examination of your print on the web will allow our digital agency to analyze the situation, diagnose the impact of your bad e-reputation and decide which tools to use. Instead of trying to repair your image on the web alone, use an expert and trustworthy e-reputation agency. Your notoriety, if it is mishandled, can cause many difficulties to you, your family, your company, your subsidiary or your collaborators and partners who surround you. In our web agency, we have perfectly integrated the fact that your identity is synonymous with visibility. Indeed, if today you wish to assert yourself through commitments and positions, you cannot know the impact these elements will have on your image in a few years. It is therefore necessary to be able to act in the future. An e-reputation agency has the ability to help you regain control of your digital identity

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