How To Make Reputation Management Simple


Reputation Management – How to Make It Simple

How frequently are you considering your reputation? In today’s world of actual time social websites, international communication from handheld devices, and mostly transparent information online about every one of us, managing your reputation hasn’t been more important and necessary if you’re going to survive both personally and professionally. Reputation management is a significant part our planet and is here to stay.

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You should be knowledgeable about reputation management for yourself and your business. This takes a strategy of action that I refer to as “track, manage, and build.” This may appear to be an overwhelming job, but rest assured that everyone can do so to make sure that the image that is portrayed about you is mostly accurate and decisive.


From the “track” stage of your reputation management strategy, you wanted to determine exactly what’s being written and said about you. Remember that anyone with an email address may begin a profile on social media and write almost anything that they want to others. This becomes what is known as “social proof,” although much of it has little connection to reality-based information or relevant content.


Next is the “handle” point, where you discover which websites and information are actually about you and which is all about someone else who shares your name or the title of your enterprise. This is quite revealing, and you may even realize that someone with your name includes a criminal record or is involved in actions you’d never condone. This was the case for me, and in 2006 I began using my full name   – Connie Ragen Green – to signify myself both offline and online. I was even turned down for a new library card once I transferred to a new city that year, before I added my middle name into my application and distinguished myself from the other Connie Greens throughout the world.


The third stage is one where you “build” your reputation with the addition of sites and content of your choosing into the world wide web.

This action, though time-consuming and continuing, is one that will lead to additional business and personal connections for you. I’ve learned so much about search engine optimization by making this and love being accountable for some of the information and content that’s available online.

Over time the content and information you publish online are going to be pushed up higher in the search engine ranks, and people are looking for you may get a more complete and precise image of you and your personality.

Make it your goal to learn more about reputation management and also to stay proactive is the search to share accurate and relevant content on your own and your business online. I’ve even produced a course about this at Reputation Management Made Simple at which you could learn how to perform this for yourself as well as for others who want your help in this region.

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