Travel Industry: Online Reputation Management


Travel Industry: Online Reputation Management Case Study

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Our client is an international travel company that was recently faced with an onslaught of forum posts and online reviews filled with queries, complaints and inquiries which the company did not know how to appropriately respond to. The client also wanted to enhance its online presence and raise their profile in the new international markets.


We started our work by doing a full audit of our client’s existing digital assets, that led us to design, development and promotion of their brand new website. We planned to raise awareness of this international travel company in the right markets, so we created localized PR campaigns and closely monitored the sentiment continuously across all the online channels we created for the company.

In addition to that, we also helped the company in implementing a prompt customer response and positive review strategy.


The steps that we have taken to promote the our client has helped them to improve communications with their international customers and enabled them raise their profile in new, overseas markets as well.

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