Six Tips To Control Your Reputation in Google


Our Favorite Online Reputation Hacks

As soon as you audit your online reputation, it’s time to start hacking on it. That’s right — you control somewhat shows up if you know how to approach it. Now we’re sharing six of the best digital reputation management hacks anyone can implement for free. That is right — these are things you devote some time to each week and see success.

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A number of them you may know; others might come as a surprise. A balance of each will help you control what individuals perceive if they Google your name.

1. Optimize Your Website

Your website has to be keyword optimized for your title and your brand along with the business keywords that you want to rank for. Our “Get A Green Light” series is one of the best primers for optimizing there. Start here and go through each of four. Oh, and yes: you must have a website. See next week’s post to learn more about this!

2. Update Your Website

Talking of websites, among the most frequent issues we see these days are individuals and brands who just have social sites. While this may work for Instagram models and YouTube characters with followers from the millions, it does not operate for ordinary citizens. A Facebook page will come up if someone looks to your brand especially. But if they are looking for more comfortable searches such as “Best Brunch Princeton,” you need a regularly updated website.

3. Get Your Best Face Forward

In last week’s instance, one of the complaints our analog staff member needed was her official headshot is not showing up. Instead, someone else and her older, shot with an iPhone, too-hipster-with-filters-and-half-a face profile pic comes up. Make sure to unoptimized older pictures on your website — that’s perfect! — And begin using pictures of yourself you want to show up. Make sure that these have a record name and alt tag that are optimized for your name and brand. Google can’t read images, so these encoded bits of advice are essential — this is a commonly overlooked hack!

4. Be Proactive

When our analog staff member went through her audit, she found a random Facebook place where she asked about a hold up happening at the bank throughout the street from her home. Ever since then it has appeared as her instant result when she hunts her name on Google. She deleted the impact that a month before, but it’s coming up (Facebook’s vast size means it’s going to take a while to catch up). As soon as you’re able to, take time to go through your old Facebook articles and delete the ones that could detract from your brand. Any posts not showing yourself in your very best light, are entirely unrelated to your brand or which include images you do not like should find the ax.

5. Have Others Utilize Your Name

Among the most frequent mistakes entrepreneurs make is writing guest content rather than making sure it is optimized to get their name or brand new. Mainly when the material looks on websites with a tall Domain Authority. Same as any press — be sure it’s optimized. How? If a local newspaper is covering you, offer to have them send the questions and state you will email them then write them so that they’re optimized thus upping your picture.

6. Schedule Normal Check-Ins

The Internet is vast, so Google’s spiders have much work to do crawling and reindexing and updating. Googling your name also often will do nothing but drive you crazy. Schedule time monthly or even every over a month to do an audit and see how you are doing. Track any new content you created along with outcomes you’ve never seen before.

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