Reputation Repair

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Reputation Repair

A compromising photo, a bad video, an unfavorable opinion, a wrong article in the media and it is urgent to react and, above all, to act.

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Reputation for a company or brand is essential to the survival of the company.

Nowadays, as information circulates on the net at breakneck speed, it is critical for a company to protect itself from attacks on the net, including negative remarks, abusive comments, wrong opinions about a service, product or brand. To avoid that your e-reputation is tainted and causes a slowdown of your sales, a tarnished image or causes a decline in your development, it is necessary to call on an e-reputation agency like Reputation Protect. Reputation Protect can help you in your approach by carrying out an e-reputation cleaning. Before exercising its methods on networks, Reputation Protect will highlight a strategy that will be adapted quickly.

What is e-reputation cleaning?

On the net, as soon as your reputation is dirty, stained, with negative comments, everything can go very quickly and the image of your company is about to suffer. In this case, it is essential to get help, to be accompanied by Reputation Protect to overcome this and rectify the situation. Nowadays, information is transmitted very quickly on the net and social networks. A compromising photo, a harmful video, a negative opinion, a bad article in the media and it is urgent to react and especially to act. E-reputation cleaning allows deleting harmful information visible on the net. Also, Reputation Protect will set up a strategy in conjunction with your company that will be a win-win strategy in the face of the surge that hits you and your company’s image.Reputation Protect using methods and tools to improve your image. It promotes your image, uses innovative techniques, uses social networks and SEO for cleaning and Google Suggest. In short, it analyzes your digital identity, modifies negative content and makes it less visible if you can’t remove it. Thus, it is at times like these that the company can see the full extent of the impact of the Internet on its life. For example, it is easier in France to give an opinion when a customer has been disappointed rather than to express satisfaction.

The specialized agencyReputation Protect will help you clean up your e-reputation – the different techniques:

After carrying out a study diagnosing your digital identity and the impact of the bad reputation of the company,Reputation Protect will have to establish a marketing strategy. Present at your side, it informs you about its approach and the procedures were undertaken to fight against the web. One possibility offered byReputation Protect is the curriculum, which consists in having harmful or defamatory content legally removed by asking the website to extract this information. However, if the owner of the site or blog refuses to act,Reputation Protect will use the Google delete request form as a last resort.

What forms can these attacks take?

These different types of damage, which can be crucial for the survival or development of a company, can be diverse and varied. As a result,Reputation Protect specialized in e-reputation has the necessary experience to deal with these attacks that can be:

  • disparagement: through malicious actions
  • defamation: false accusations
  • fake news in the media
  • negative reviews / comments

An inventory: measures the extent of the phenomenon

Before starting the major cleaning, it is important to carry out an assessment, a diagnosis of the impact caused by this stained reputation and the negative effects of this e-reputation. Reputation Protect will take charge of your project and will be at your side to inform you of the current situation. It must be remembered that no one is immune to an e-reputation in crisis. Thus, Reputation Protect will take stock of the links you control, an audit of search engines (do not stop at the 1st page of Google) using googling, analyze the dangerousness of other links, the calculation of messages placed on social networks that deal with your company, the nature of comments, the number of comments or negative opinions.

Cleaning by presence

The answer to notoriety and thus reputation on the net is obviously the presence on the web. Internet users will not linger on pages far from the famous Google search engine. Therefore, it is essential to be as visible as possible on the net when your reputation has been affected. Without the ability to erase harmful content, it is interesting for a company to increase its popularity. Indeed, on the net, nothing disintegrated

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