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Online Reputation Management Case study : Transport Industry

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Our client is the chief executive of a transportation company that was facing very poor page one result on the Google search engine. The page one of Google showed over six negative pages all linked to his company, that includes links from national press.

Whatever the stories were revolving in the press about him and his company were displayed on Google and causing a negative and harmful effect on not only his professional but also his personal life.


In view of the situation, we decided to provide our client with the effective tools he needed to remove all the harmful content and maintain a positive online presence in the long term, and for this we provided him our guaranteed support and assistance.

We regularly worked with our client to improve his and his company’s rankings in the Google search results. To tackle the negative links, we also created a new blog and developed a brand new website, in addition to promoting his social media profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Within 3 months, our client was able to significantly improve his page one profile. All the negative links were pushed back and replaced by page links that were are either directly owned by him or featured positive news stories of his and his company, which included a news item from Reuters and various directory listings as well.

Removing harmful content from the Google, brought forward a positive change in the way people perceived it. It also brought a positive change in our client with reflected in his behavior, he finally acquired peace of mind because his personal contacts and prospective clients were not judging him on the basis of all the negative information that surrounded him 3 months ago.

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