Lawyer Reputation Repair Case Study


Lawyer Reputation Impacted by Competitor

A high powered lawyer earning the six figures gained a bad reputation because of a disgruntled–and dishonest–rival who intentionally ruined her web presence by submitting damaging blog articles to obtain a competitive advantage.

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Although legal actions were taken, it’s hard to demonstrate the real origin of the negative remarks.

Her online reputation was ruined, and the practice ultimately failed. She tried to join another company but was not able to find work because the very first matter headhunters do is run a Google search.


Quickly released a Wikipedia article, which jumped into the top of Google search results nearly immediately.

Developed general and law-related platforms on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Martindale, Crunchbase, YouTube,; engaged with key industry leaders.

Re-wrote bio along with other materials; promoted existing content.

Following the repair procedure, however, she found work back in the financial, legal sector partnering with the fund manager, but she increased her income because her new online reputation showed her as a highly visible and trustworthy adviser.

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