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Case Study – Airline Company

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Situation of the company

In this digital age of social media, real-time news, impressions and opinions instant and lasting client, our client recognized the need for comprehensive planning of crisis communication. A number of competitors have been forced to deal with embarrassing episodes related to the security, price and service. Given the damage to brands in each case, it was obvious that these airlines were caught unawares. This should in no case reach our customer.


Our customer must be prepared to manage a crisis when all planned scenario materialize, be it airplane accidents, flight disruptions, or the FAA issues.


Among the many aspects of the plan, a strategy was developed to meet the payment of federal fines for alleged violations of maintenance, the airline had planned.


The company had to pay a much smaller fine on the FAA than had been threatened, while the industrial trades, business magazines and major newspapers have described the event as something rare and as a relative success for the company. The reputation has been preserved and it has improved at the same time the growth of the company as provided for our strategy.


Maybe you’re not as big as air transport company but remember that Coca Cola has sold only 25 bottles the first year.

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