How to use Social Data for Brand Reputation


Social data is any type of data that has been collected from users’ social media accounts.

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Social Data & Brand Reputation

With nearly three in every four internet users owning at least one social media account. When we consider social media, we may generally think about Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. But, there are plenty of social networks out there utilized by a wide variety of individuals. Targeting to your potential users by means of social media can be pivotal to your business. Users’ social identities contain valuable data, including their real-time locations, relationships, media and brand preferences, and much more, making social data a treasure trove for marketers.

What is Social Data and how it is collected?

Social data is any type of data that has been collected from users’ social media accounts. Social media provides users with a fun way to generate their own content and share information, but at the same time their social media usage also creates a valuable wealth of information for market researchers. The simplest way to collect social data is to offer a social login on all your websites, giving users the option of logging in using one of their social media accounts when registering.

Social data allows marketers to view users’ likes, activities, locations and other information about their social and economic demographic, which can then be used to determine: what type of consumers may be interested in certain products/services, how much consumers are likely to spend on it and the best ways to market themselves to their targeted demographic.

Since, information about a product/service on social media plays such a huge role in consumer decision making, companies active on social media can positively impact their chances of success by building a strong reputation. If a user looks for information about a service and finds a company page with great reviews and positive interactions with customers voicing complaints, they are going to have a much better view of that company than one that has a dead page. Social data allows marketers to keep track of what people are saying about their product and while also providing them with an opportunity to quickly resolve customers’ complaints, while others look on.

Why social data is important for brands?

No matter how on message anyone is, there still may be a difference between what a company or brand says about itself and its reputation, and what consumers say about them. Every year, the company uses research and social data to see that whether their company are on the right track, and whether they are focused on the things that matter most to the audiences that are most important to them. To accomplish this, many of today’s most successful brands capture these rich social insights in a permission-based manner through applications such as Social Login. By giving users the option to log in to their site or app using their existing social media accounts, brands can request access to specific social data points in return.

Ensuring Your Users’ Data Security and Privacy

Social data is an excellent tool to strengthen your brand reputation; however, when collecting and storing social data it is important to make ensure that customers are protected from having their data stolen. In order to prevent such issues, social data should only be shared with trusted people within the company, preferably without identifying information about individuals attached. The data should also be stored on a secure, encrypted server with heavy protections, the same way that any data from a registration form or user account would be.

Companies that do choose to make use of social login should also ensure that they remain up to date with all of their ID and security updates. It is also important to note that regulations on data storage vary from region to region based on the location of the user, so companies must to be mindful about what regulations are applicable to a given set of users when storing their social data.

By placing a high priority on protecting the privacy of users, companies are also protecting their own brand and reputation among consumers.

Some Important Considerations

Social data is a huge deal in the marketing world and building reputation. However, many companies face the problem of not knowing what to do with all that valuable data once they acquire it. Understanding and knowing how to use it will help any company to improve their business.

Most companies collect too much data without a specific data marketing goal and end up with more data than they need and no idea how to make use of it. This excess of data leads to another common worry that a brand face: not having enough time and resources to produce and execute an effective data marketing strategy.

Though it may seem intimidating at first, any brand is capable of making use of social data in a way that benefits and improves their business and marketing practices. The social data is already out there, it is just a matter of making use of it.

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