How To Protect Your Reputation When a Fake News Article is Released


The Best Way To Protect Your Reputation When a Fake News Article is Released

If you’re a Democrat, you might blame it for Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeat this past year. If you are a Republican, you might talk about President Donald Trump’s worries about fake news in the mainstream press. But what can you do if the fake news plague affects you personally?

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Whether you are a public official, a company leader, or a celebrity, fake news has got the power to destroy your reputation, your picture, and your brand. It’s virtually everywhere online from independent news websites to all types of social media. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, nearly a quarter of Americans have unwittingly shared one or false news, and approximately two-thirds of Americans believe the current growth in the fake news has led to “a great deal of confusion” about current events.

Protect your reputation, your picture, and your brand. If you require advice or consulting on issues such as those our Reputation Management company may help you resolve them with ease.

So what can you do in the face of these fake news strikes? Well, experts recommend never making yourself a goal in the first place. By way of instance, make sure you select your advertising and promotional websites carefully. It’s rather easy to become connected with imitation news inadvertently by looking in the wrong place at the wrong moment.

Wise entrepreneurs and companies may also anticipate potential hot-button problems before they fire up. This will make it possible for them to get an appropriate spokesperson available and a dependable response strategy set up when issues arise.

When Fake News Affects You :

Consider the facts

The first thing to do when you discover that the fake news is all about you will be to quickly yet thoroughly separate fact from fiction. Even the most ridiculous fake news stories often contain a couple of kernels of truth. In a bid to tackle the situation in quick order, consider taking a red pen to the narrative because it had been published, identifying inaccuracies and correcting them. This corrected copy can them be instantly posted on your site and social media sites.

Tell your truth in an intriguing way

When a dominant company or public perspective is attacked with a fake news story, a group of publicists and attorneys springs into action to release an official statement. Though this announcement may set the record straight with great stringency and care, it’ll frequently come across as rigid, dead, full of jargon, and devoid of a healthy perspective. Don’t let your announcement go unnoticed only because it is dry and dull. Try to develop a new narrative that explains the truth in a way that’s as interesting as the lies which you’re trying to set directly.

Recall your right to remain silent

Sometimes the best way to deal with false claims is just to ignore them. If you feel staying above the fray is the best way forward, you need to justify this decision to crucial team players such as employees and stakeholders. To put it differently, it is not enough to remain silent. You must communicate to others exactly why you’re keeping quiet.

Pick your battles well

In regards to knowing when to speak out and if to say nothing, think about the following catchphrase: when there isn’t traction, do not take action. In other words, if the fake news story in question isn’t trending, a quick response might not be in your best interests. If folks are widely sharing the narrative, however, a direct response is essential.

Contemplate possible slant and twist

Before responding to a fake story, think carefully about the source of this narrative. If it comes from an apparently slanted news outlet, you might want to let the story sink under its low weight instead of slinging mud back in a famous mudslinger. Bear in mind that any announcement that you issue could be strategically edited and taken out of context or fit an opposing agenda.

Select a side

This can be somewhat tricky. If the fake information in query contrasts you using a distinct social movement or political point of view, an overly effective rebuttal give the overall impression you are allied with all the opposing party, consequently alienating specific clients and key stakeholders. On the flip side, do not underestimate the power of staying on the right side of public view. In general, taking a healthy socially-responsible posture offers more significant benefits than attempting to walk the middle ground on an urgent matter.

Consider taking legal actions

While public relations specialists typically discourage clients from using the press, the rules are a bit different for obviously fake news. Sometimes legal action is necessary to receive a bogus news story corrected or deleted against the will of this media outlet that printed it.

Respond quickly to fake news strikes by following seven simple steps. Protect your reputation, your picture, and your brand.

Whether you’re a public official, a business leader, or a star, fake news can ruin your reputation, your image, and your brand. Guard yourself and react quickly to attacks by subsequent eight easy steps.

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Whether you are a public official, a business leader, or even a star, fake news has got the power to destroy your reputation, your image, and your brand. Protect yourself and react quickly to attacks by subsequent eight simple steps.

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