How to Fix A Damaged Online Reputation


How to Repair A Damaged Online Reputation

Imagine if a disgruntled employee or competitor writes something negative about you online and it appears on the first page of Google search results?
Do not despair: repairing your online reputation is possible (since the alternative–doing nothing–is not an alternative since it contributes to lost earnings and much fewer customers).

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Create content that is excellent.
Discuss on pertinent social networking platforms.
Utilize search engine optimization that will help the fantastic advice get found.

As time passes, these methods repair the damage from controlling negative hyperlinks off the first page of Google searches and out of sight.

Here are ten ways to help fix a damaged online reputation

1. Create Great Content

Write sites posts and add remarks concentrated on your subscribers and customers. Concentrate on topics that solve a common problem on your business or an investigation a significant news improvement but with a brand new spin. Write a brief, exciting piece; comprise some of the key search phrases from the title and body too.

2. Write Great Articles

Sites such as are beneficial in fixing your online reputation. Keep it focused on offering a solution and giving away good advice; prevent pure selling.

3. Use Wikipedia

Wikipedia is highly ranked by Google but can be challenging to write because the guide has to be about a well referenced, recorded, or newsworthy person. A fantastic way to start is to find existing Wikipedia articles which you could add yourself to, for example, charity, college alumni, or notable people that you may have worked with.

4. Update Existing and New Online Presences

Create or upgrade Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn sites, again together with the essential search terms and your name or company. Be sure to complete every area in the bio along with other parts of this platform also, add a profile photo and significantly, links back to your site.

5. Share on Social Media

Share all on social media (well, almost everything).

Re-edit articles down to a few main points or paragraphs and publish on business targeted sites, blogs or respected sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Boost all the articles–the blog post, the new websites, articles and press releases–using social sites. This should include your already optimized accounts.

6. Create Industry-Specific Platforms

Google likes sites related to your business.

If you’re a lawyer, maintain your profile; for financial professions, utilize Techcrunch; for movie manufacturers, utilize There are many different sites specific to each market, so get busy and add links, content and your existence there.

7. Add Videos to YouTube

Since Google possesses YouTube, creating a YouTube accounts and posting videos about you or your company can be very powerful.

8. Get Local

Google is changing its attention to local search, so make the most of this by creating local presences on Google Maps and other sites. But make sure you abide by high-quality platforms and avoid ones that are spammy.

9. Research Good Key Search Terms for SEO

Come up with phrases or terms which customers will be searching for in Google searches. Think of what problem you’re solving and search on the internet to find out what comes up. Create a list of these, and prioritize the best handful. These are your key search phrases.

10. Optimize Your Internet Site

Require these search terms and add them to your website, social media profiles, and blog posts.

Note that this likely requires help from a reputation management professional, but correctly, upgrade behind-the-scenes code of your site, including Title and Description meta tags. Additionally, rename the URL of a few of your web pages by incorporating you or your company’s name. But things you can do yourself are to upgrade article titles or add a number of these phrases to printed pieces.

How Long Does This Take?

This is a long-term process. Depending on the severity of the issue, the repair could take four to eight months. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to push: it requires continuous attention, and there are many moving parts. But because the very first thing most customers do hunt for you for you online, fixing damaging reviews or posts is crucial.

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