Handling a Global Crisis



Handling a Global Crisis

In accordance with our NDA we will use “Company X” as our client’s name

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Company X is a major manufacturer of automobiles worldwide. Due to the nature of its businesses, crises can arise at any time – whether it’s a crisis stemming from the manufacturing process, an issue of marketing the vehicles incorrectly, or any number of other marketing, manufacturing or safety issues.

The Problem

Company X was aware that a crisis could arise anytime, and had some processes in place to handle them. Unfortunately, their planning did not prepare them for a global public relations problem they recently faced, which put them in them in the spotlight on accusations of offering false information about its products. Company X was facing a PR nightmare of massive proportions, and it didn’t have a dedicated crisis team to handle it.

How We Helped

Repurisk specializes in developing crisis management plans for companies – ideally putting processes in place before the crisis strikes. In the case of Company X, we were coming in after the fact, but we still managed to assist in a meaningful way.

We helped the company create a crisis management plan by first analyzing and identifying their existing and potential risks. From there, we launched a crisis simulation exercise to help the company’s teams learn to handle crises, and give them tools to make their work around it more effective.

We then implemented our “influencer relations” model to reach change-makers and to drive change, as well as implementing the crisis management plan and emergency communication plan to ensure everyone was aware of the changing situation. We also helped Company X monitor conversations on the Internet and in all media, so they could stay on top of the current information about the crisis.

The End Result

Because of our crisis management work with Company X, the team was far more successful in handling the huge crisis they were dealing with. They hadn’t had a crisis management team in the past, but they do now – and it’s making a big difference in how they cope with consumer issues.

As the crisis waned, we continued to support Company X by holding de-briefing meetings that would help the team avoid making the same mistakes in the future – a valuable tool for a company that hadn’t had a crisis management team in the past.

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