Food & Beverages Industry : Reputation Case Study


Food & Beverages Industry : Online And International Promotion (case study)

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Our client is a successful food service company that has a strong customer base in it own country and was looking for expansion. But the company faced high levels of competition when it ventured into a new overseas market. Our goal was to create brand identity and build brand awareness in the new audience and promote our clients’ unique products and services.


To build brand awareness, first of all we researched the new market, demographic, interests, culture, demand as well as the competitor activity, on the basis of this we developed a targeted PR campaign for the company, created new content and shared it across popular channels including social media, news, forums and industry websites.

We also established relevant search terms to make sure that all the essential information about the company and its products was available for the online audience.

Additionally, we developed and implemented a prompt customer response strategy to ensure all comments were responded to and in an appropriate way, this strategy also monitored sentiment of the new audience towards the company and its products.


By promoting our client’s new and existing products and services to the new audience in the form of website, blog, social media profile, we increased awareness of the food service company. Our services helped in establishing the company as an authority in the food and beverages sector. By implementing a successful prompt customer response strategy, we have laid out an infrastructure for our client to avoid any online negative comments in the future as well.

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