8 Approaches to Repairing and Boosting Your Online Reputation with LinkedIn


8 Approaches to Repairing and Boosting Your Online Reputation with LinkedIn

In the event that a negative remark appears on the first page of Google, your online reputation is ruined, and this has an impact on your business because potential customers will turn to the next professional.

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LinkedIn, because of its highly respected reputation and high traffic, will help repair your online reputation. Google usually classifies LinkedIn pretty high in searches, and often comes after your website and Wikipedia. If you don’t have an account, create one now – to help you improve your online reputation and promote your small business.

1. Assess and update title

Your name sounds pretty simple but make sure your LinkedIn profile is correct. For example, if a negative article includes your entire last name with the initial, such as ” John Doe “, make sure it is correct on LinkedIn.

2. Update the title

Many people don’t know the importance of LinkedIn’s Headline, but it can be a beneficial way to improve your online reputation. Adjust or update the title to reflect the unfavourable article, for example, include your full name or business name as it appears in the blog post. Also make sure it reflects the essence of your business and uses carefully researched search terms.

3. Add websites to edit contact information

Make sure your websites, Twitter and other information are filled out here. It is particularly remarkable to name your websites with your title or key search phrases by selecting the ” Other ” option under sites.

4. Update the Contents section

The Summary section is also important. Be sure to include your name and company in the key search phrases. For example, you could start with “John A. Smith’s Financial Services Inc…”.

5. Edit and update items

In the Title and Description fields, re-enter your name and company name and include specific information about your current and past positions. Here’s a chance to brag and include additional search phrases.

6. Completeness check

Fill in each field, zone or section of your LinkedIn profile, including a profile image, Languages, Skills and Expertise, Education.

7. Customize your LinkedIn URL

It is essential for search engines like Google to have a personalized URL. Here you can change it to your title, company or main search phrase, depending on what the negative problem is.

8. Combine groups

Become active on LinkedIn by linking linked groups. Also, comment on what others post, add your posts, connect your blog so that it is posted mechanically on LinkedIn. Be recognized as an expert.

All of this can take time, and its just one part of the growing online reputation management and online repair effort, however, these eight tips should help you show you how you can restore your reputation online.

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